Biochemistry Lab

The units within Başkent University Biochemistry Laboratory are; Biochemistry, Hormone, Immunology-Serology, Hematology, Urine, RIA-ELISA and IFA Laboratories and Sample Acception and Sample Allocation Unit. Laboratory services provided continuously for 24 hours in the Başkent University Laboratories. 

In Başkent University Biochemistry Laboratory provides service for the following tests; the analyses of routine biochemistry, urine analysis, drug levels, routine hormone tests, cancer biomarkers, quartet, triplet and binary pregnancy screening tests, vitamin levels, hematologic tests (complete blood count, sedimentation, peripheral blood smear, and coagulation tests), serologic tests and analysis of addictive substances are performed.

Agarose gel electrophoresis, HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer) equipments are use for specific tests and determination of trace elements.

For emergency polyclinic test; emergency biochemistry tests, urine test, complete blood count, sedimentation, peripheral blood smear, coagulation tests,

(PT, PTT, D-Dimmer), alcohol levels, hag, cardiac tests (CK-MB mass, troponin-I, myoglobin, BNP) and drug levels are worked.

In Central Laboratory Units which are registered to external quality control programs such as RANDOX RIQAS, UK NEQAS and QUALIRIS, all the tests are performed properly to these control programs and daily control values are recorded for each test. Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance of the equipments are performed by the technicians of the related laboratory under the control of the laboratory firms.