Başkent University Cardiology Department provides high level clinic, academic and scientific services day by day since the day it is founded. Up to now, our department has provided retrieving health of thousands of patient, training of many young cardiologists and contributed to the development of medicine with the researches located in the prominent scientific publications. Başkent University Cardiology Department is one of the four institutions that receive the Institutional Specialty Training Program Qualification Certificate of the Turkish Society of Cardiology Qualification Board.

All the clinical implementations in cardiology are applied successfully in our department by using the most recent technologies. Our patients are examined with the world’s latest technologies with constantly renewed echocardiography. Ambulatory electrocardiography recording and event recording devices are helpful to evaluate the complaints of arthmias and palpitations that arise from time to time. Our developed exercise test equipments are used as non invasive method for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease.

Our main target is the prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension (high blood pressure) and hyperlipidemi (high blood lipids) and prevention of heart health which are the leading cause of mortality worldwide.

The most common cardiovascular disease is coronary heart disease. Also, heart valve diseases are still stand out as an important problem in our country. Our hospital’s heart catheterization and angiography units serve for a very long time for the diagnosis and treatment of these patients. 24 hours of service is given in this extended and improved unit with new equipment that permits current diagnosis and treatment interventions. Faculty members who have worked for a long time in both diagnostic and treatment interventional processes are actively working in heart catheterization and angiography laboratory. About 2000 patients underwent coronary angiography in this laboratory annually. Besides the routine heart catheterization, coronary angiography, balloon angioplasty and stent applications; procedures such as mitral and pulmonary balloon angioplasty, closure of atrial septal defect are successfully performed too. Every new development in the field of interventional cardiology can be directly applied in our laboratory.

Within the heart catheterization and angiography unit, there is also an electrophysiologic process unit for diagnosis and treatment procedures of the patients with arrhythmia and syncope complaints. Hundreds of patients with rhythm disorders are treated with various ablation methods in this unit where the arrhythmia complaints are evaluated. Also, in this unit, several permanent pacemakers, implanted cardioverter defibrillators against sudden heart deaths which is a device like pacemaker and specific permanent pacemakers that support the heart muscle contractions for advanced heart failure treatment are inserted.

Close follow ups, advanced tests and treatments of the patients that need inpatient treatments are carried out in services designed with recent technology or in our intensive care unit.

All these services are provided by cardiology department professors, assistant professors and expert physicians. Patients and their families are in contact with their

doctors and get the information about their diseases and they receive their treatment within confidence.