Dentistry & Oral Surgery


Diagnosis, routine tooth extraction and simple surgical applications are performed in our polyclinic. Broader surgical interventions such as; embedded tooth extractions, preparation surgery for dentures, implant, advanced implant surgeries, bone and gingival grafts (patch) are applied in our operating rooms. More complicated procedures under general anesthesia are performed in our hospitals such as tooth-jaw fractures, jaw joint surgeries surgical treatment of under or overdeveloped jaws are performed.



In the Department of Endodontic; treatment of the inflammatory pupil and periradicular diseases occurred by the adult caries, trauma and periodontal destruction are successfully carried out with the modern technique and equipments available in our department. Whitening process of the teeth that have changed color due to various causes is another subject that our Department is concerned. In Restorative Dental Treatment Clinic, various treatments are performed for the regaining of lost dental tissues of patients both functional and aesthetic respect;

Besides the treatment of material losses such as caries, fractures etc., aesthetic and cosmetic applications for anterior region teeth are carried out in our department as well. In our clinic; same color with teeth (composite) for front and back teeth and metal content (amalgam) fillings for back teeth are applied. Aesthetic composite fillings are single séance, composite based aesthetic restoration systems that we apply in front and back teeth in order to cover functionally and aesthetically the losses occurred in the natural structure of the tooth due to caries, erosions or other. In this system the natural structure of the teeth are combined with composite based filling material with chemical agents we called bonding and a chemical bonding is obtained. Aesthetic composite fillings are the restoration performed in the same séance in order to complete lost teeth tissue in decayed and eroded teeth. In our clinic, Aesthetic composite fillings are done to back teeth as well. Also, composite laminas, adhesive bridges, indirect inlays and on lays, restoration repair, teeth whitening applications, dental sensitivity treatment and preventive treatments are carried out.



The Department of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology is an academic division in which intraoral and maxillofacial tissues and organs are examined systematically, all physiological and pathological changes of these structures are interpreted clinically and radiographically and the treatment plans are performed.

In our Oral Diagnosis clinics, dental complaints, systemic diaseases and medications used of the patients who referred to Faculty of Dentistry are learned. Intraoral and surrounding tissues are detailed examined and then intraoral, panoramic or tomographic assessments are performed in radiology clinic. After the clinical and radiographic evaluations, appropriate treatment plans are created and explained to the patients.



Orthodontics is a dentistry specialization which is concerned with the treatment of crowding of the teeth, disharmony of jaw relations or jaw closing disorders occurred as a result of both of them. By orthodontics treatment only the teeth can be restored or the patients who have jaw deformations can be intervented during the development period.

Orthodontics treatment can be performed by only for aesthetic reasons; however the treatment is not completed if a functionally regular occlusion is not provided to the patient. For this reason our treatment targets are correcting the teeth and jaws both aestheticlly and functionally.

Also in cases with cleft lip and palate or with severe skeletal jaw disorder, combined orthodontics- surgical treatments are applied in our clinic as routine.



It is a department concerned with oral and dental health in children and adolescents. Besides the preventive dental care services, dental injuries and treatment of missing teeth, dental treatment services are provided with general anesthesia and sedation especially for disabled people and non-cooperated patients. Our department which has an important role in preventing the dental problems of the future’s adults especially works on prevention of early childhood dental caries.



Period ontology is a department that provides service of diagnosis and treatment of hard and soft tissues supporting teeth and the implants and provides the necessary training to patients for prevention and maintenance of oral and dental health.

Resective and reconstructive periodontal surgery, periodontal plastic surgery and intra bone implant interventions are carried out in our operating room.



Besides the treatment of missing teeth, crown and bridging applications by using the recent technologic methods, implant upper structure procedures with maxillofacial prosthesis are applied too.