Medical Oncology

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Since cancers are the second cause of mortality following cardiovascular diseases, oncology became an important scientific branch today.

Scientific branch interested with the medical treatment of cancer (chemotherapy, targeted treatments and immunotherapy and also palliative treatments) is called Medical Oncology. The doctors working in this field (Medical Oncologists) are internal medicine specialists who are expert in cancer treatment. Cancer diagnosis and treatment is a process that requires simultaneous work of more than one department as a team. This team should include Surgery, Pathology, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Medical Oncology and other related departments. Coordination of this team that carry out cancer treatment is generally provided by Medical Oncology.

In our Medical Oncology Clinic, treatments of patients are planned, applied and complications of chemotherapies (side effects) are treated as well. During all this process, patients and their relatives are informed about the status of the disease. These services are given in our Chemotherapy Unit and in Inpatient Service when necessary. Lifelong follow ups of the patients whose treatments are completed are also carried out by our department.
Chemotherapy Unit
Chemotherapy means the medical treatment of cancer and it is an important part of treatment together with surgery and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy can be applied according to type, stage of cancer and the health situation of the patient:

•    To completely eliminate the cancer cells and recover the patient (providing a cure),
•    To prevent invasion or recurrence of the cancer,
•    To stop the growth or slow down the cancer,
•    To eliminate the symptoms of cancer.

The chemotherapy agent going to be used is determined by medical oncologist according to the type of tumor, invasion status, age of patient, general status and the other present diseases.

Doses and frequency of application is determined according to various factors and status of patient. Treatment should be performed in effective doses by protecting the patient from side effects.

Chemotherapy must be applied in the cancer centers by the specialized people regarding with this subject. A part from chemotherapy other forms are hormones, biological drugs,  chemotherapy medicines which are directly effecting  the tumor and some are used to increase this effect of the medicines or control the side effects.

Daily treatments planned in our chemotherapy unit (intravenous and oral chemotherapies; supportive care for symptoms) are carried out with experienced staff in a comfortable environment.