Orthopedics & Traumatology

Treatments for tendon, vascular and nerve cuts due to hand injuries, surgical interventions for hand and wrist disorders due to limb breakages and rheumatism diseases, wrist and finger fractures and ligament problems are mostly carried out. Knee and hip replacements of our old patients due to knee and hip arthritis admissions are performed by the latest surgical techniques and revision surgery is performed for the relaxation and infection of these replacements and rehabilitation studies are carried out for these group patients together with our rehabilitation hospitals. Hip displacement in newborn, all kinds of orthopedics diseases in children, spine disorders and fractures in children and adults are treated.

Any kind of limb protecting surgeries are performed by working together with oncology department in orthopedic tumors by using artificial joints, allograft and auto graft bones.

Surgical procedures that allow returning the sportsmen back to sports at earliest time in sport injuries, surgical procedures applied in knee, ankle, shoulder, and elbow and wrist are successfully carried out with the most advanced technology support. Fractures and soft tissue injuries that develop as a result of injury are treated by the 24 hours service providing trauma team with newest surgical techniques and instruments  and our patients are supported postoperatively in our rehabilitation centers under the supervision of expert physicians and  physiotherapists.