Başkent University Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Department was founded on July 25, 1994 as a part of Ankara Hospital. Over the years it has become a multi-center  clinic delivering patient care in Ankara, Konya, İstanbul, İzmir and Alanya. Our Audiology and speech patology department also serves our patiens in all our hospitals.

All our hospitals apply modern diagnostic  and treatment procedures. Nasal endoscopy, acoustic rhinometry, rhinomanometry, otoendoscopy, microscopy, videolayrngostroboscopy are routinely used  as a part of otolaryngologic examination.

Our clinic is one of the limited number of clincs, qualified to give vertigo-oriented care . Our audiology and neurotology labaratory is  equipped with audiometrie, immitancemeter, automated brain response (ABR), electrocochleography, autoacoustic emission (OAE), computerized electronistagmography, videonistagmography and vestibular evoqued myogenic potentials (VEMP) units.  Hearing rehabilitation is provided after audiometric evaluation for hearing loss.

In addition to all routine otolaryngologic surgical procedures, more advanced surgeries of each subspecialty area are performed such as; cochlear implantation, neurootologic surgeries, endoscopic sinus surgery, radiosurgery, endolaryngeal microsurgery, phoniatric surgery and resection of head and neck tumors  with reconstruction.

Clinic and labaratory research studies are conducted as a part of ongoing education. Preclinic research is conducted at Baskent University’ s animal labaratory. Our academic team actively engages in reseach, shares information with their colleagues and stay up-to date by joinig national and international  meetings.