Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgery department handles the congenital problems of the newborns that are occurred intra uterine. It treats the diseases of the infants and children related with lungs, intra abdominal organs, urinary tract, genital region, thyroid and head and neck, and cancers. Handles the emergency situations such as; trauma, foreign body swallowing/aspiration (getting into lungs), drinking corrosive liquid;

Pediatric surgery provides diagnoses for the diseases of the abdominal pain, vomiting that leads emergency admission.

If it is a situation requiring operation, the surgery would be planned immediately. Emergency surgical interventions are performed in cases of; Torsion of the reproductive organs (disruption of blood flow), foreign body aspiration, intestinal obstruction, stranded hernia, life threatening organ injuries. To investigate and diagnose the cause underlying constipation complaint and to direct the treatment are within the focus areas of Pediatric Surgery. Diagnosis of inguinal hernia, undecided testes, hydrocele (water sac around the testes) which are very common, necessity of surgery and timing are arranged by Pediatric Surgeons. While inguinal hernias operated immediately soon after they are diagnosed; patients with undescended testes can be followed until they become 10–12 months of age, hydrocele until 2 years of age and umbilical hernias can be followed until 4 years of age. Circumcisition is commonly performed by Pediatric Surgeons.