About Us

Why Başkent?

Our Healthcare Group ranks among the largest and most medically advanced hospital groups in Turkey also in Middle East. BAŞKENT consists of 10 university hospitals in six cities, 13 dialysis centers and 5 outpatient clinics. With its steadily increasing network, BAŞKENT reaches annually near 3 million patients, thereof around 100.000 inpatient treatments. The BAŞKENT possesses of about 1.500 beds and more than 8.500 employees. All of our hospitals are located near top tourism places of Turkey, which provides options to our patients to combine their treatment with additional travel.

A strong network of hospitals, an intensive interdisciplinary knowledge exchange among employees and the immediate implementation of innovations, are the core of the BAŞKENT philosophy. Furthermore, the University and Hospitals work as a team to train outstanding doctors and dentists. Numerous doctors complete their post-graduate specialist training at a university level. Top-class care and attention to the patient have priority in nursing and other healthcare profession programs. The high standard of training for junior employees and ongoing staff development are reflected in excellent patient care.

Our Healthcare Group has more than 30 years experience in offering first-class medical services to patients from all over the world. Our medical treatment plans are uniquely tailored on a patient-to-patient basis, by combining the best-suited specialist physicians with the leading state-of-the-art facilities for the specific procedure indicated. Furthermore hospitality, trustworthiness and humanity are the cornerstones of our hospital.

Our patients are our first priority! Since we plan every patient's treatment individually, we devote our efforts to make sure that they receive the highest quality treatment at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our patients are never alone – each and every one of our patients and their family member can relax, knowing that a personal medical associate accompanies them throughout the each step of their stay. The personal medical associate organizes even the most specific details, ensuring that the patient feels comfortable and as much at home as possible.

Our studies in quality improvement have been continuing since 1997 at Our Hospitals, and the Practice and Research Centers. The requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standards are fulfilled in all them and they have been certified by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). Furthermore, our hospitals are the first foundation hospitals to acquire the ISO quality certificate.

Our experience in healthcare sector will give you confidence in high quality and affordable price. Our philosophy is "helping you to feel like home by offering world-class medical treatment".You can be sure that you're in the right hands.