Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Operations

Craniofacial Surgery

It is the surgical correction of all kinds of head and face deformities. Although it is a complicated era and the operations are difficult, we focus on the safety and best results of facial features. We work in a team discipline since these operations are taking time, and lots of attention, and close follow up is required. As the population of these patients is children we provide best service to our children patients with the best technical and knowledge of our university.


Maxillofacial Surgery

It is the correction of all kinds of congenital or accidental deformities and dysfunction of facial soft tissues and bones. Since road traffic accidents are the mostly recognized reason of traumatic maxillofacial surgery, we serve in emergency room to these patients as soon as possible in terms of diagnosis and treatment.





Microsurgery Operations


.Microsurgery needs top training level in plastic surgery. High surgical skills are required. Our certified academic staff are specialized in this advanced field. Closure of open wounds by tissue transfer, treatment of facial paralysis and replantation of amputated body parts are examples of this operation group.


Oncologic Reconstructive Surgery

Cancer is a problem of modern era. Many people are dealing with skin, head and neck, breast, intrapelvic and soft tissue cancers. All these kinds of tumors are successfully treated with surgical excision but these operations usually lead to open wounds that have to be reconstructed. Our plastic surgery team successfully reconstruct every kind of open wounds due to tumor excision. Microsurgery operations are included in this topic.


Hand Surgery

Emergency hand wounds are closed with exploration of nerve and vessel anatomy with the help of surgical loupes and microscopes. Our plastic surgery team is competent enough to perform every microsurgical hand surgery. In addition to emergency hand interventions, elective procedures of any congenital or acquired deformities of arm, forearm and hand are performed in our clinic.


Burn Treatment

Treatment of burn related consequences is one of the challenging field of plastic surgery. In the early phase, tissue defects that result from burn are managed through different surgical procedures including wound debridment, skin grafting and tissue transfer. In the late period, scars are main complaints of patients. Steroid treatments (topical and systemic) is the first step, followed by tissue expansion, local flap surgery and microsurgical free tissue transfers.

Aesthetic outcomes and satisfactory for most of the patients and our plastic surgery team is competent and successful about maintaining patient satisfaction.



Nonhealing wounds are a main cause of debilitation and reduced quality of life for most patients. The management of these wounds necessitate a multidisciplinary team workup with other medical branches. This in-patient and out-patient approaches are orchestrated by our plastic surgery team.  Contemporary treatments such as vacuum assisted closure of wounds, collagen and growth factor injection and advanced dressing materials are provided in our clinic. Non-healing wounds that are reluctant to our medical treatment are managed competently with relevant surgical procedures in form of wound debridment, skin grafting, and free tissue transfers.


Removal of Wound Scars

The scar that result from the healing of an open wound is inevitable. However, the aim of plastic surgery is to reduce the amount and the visibility of these scars by using different modern methods. Scars that present late enough to be resistant to medical treatment can be treated surgically by scar removal and meticulous alignment of the wound to obtain an acceptable scar.


Aesthetic Operations


Nose Operations

The aesthetic result is usually presented in preoperative evaluation with digital imaging, diagnostic imaging such as CT and orthodontic evaluations are taken into consideration. Operative preparations are meticulously done. Postoperative care and patient follow up is done for the following month. Patient follow up is recommended up to one year. Secondary rhinoplsaty procedures, previous rhinoplasty done in another center with complicated results are also performed.



With minimally invasive techniques, botulinum toxin injection can be successfully performed for patients that don't want to undergo surgical operation. Dermal fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) applications can be alternatively suggested as well. Chemical peeling is recommended in fall and winter seasons and is successfully performed. Minimal invasive treatment of aging face is a main and commonly performed procedure in our clinic. 


Eyelid Operations (Blepharoplasty)

The aging face appearance due to sagging of eyelid skin can be a source of concern for most of the patients. Blepharoplasty is an easy surgical procedure that is done in an out patient basis with high patient satisfaction. Dry eye treatment is recommended to patients preoperatively and postoperative follow up is meticulously done.


Ear Deformities

Ear deformities are mostly congenital. Total or partial absence of the ear is a main reason of concern and a social problem for the child. Early treatment at age of 5-6 years is recommended before school. Staged operations with tissue expansion, skin flaps and implantation of body's own cartilages are performed. The aim is to gain similar shape as the healthy side. Furthermore, esthetics ear problems in a form of prominent ear is corrected successfully under local or general anesthesia according to the preference and age of the patient. Patients satisfaction is high.


Elimination of Facial Acne Scars

Chemical peeling is performed during fall and winter seasons. Repeated applications may be required to obtain desired cosmetic result.


Breast Reduction

Carrying massive breast is a major complaint of a patient who want to be in a sportive activities and have a younger appearance. Advanced age, weight gain and repeated pregnancies are main causes of this problem. Preoperative evaluations such as ultrasonography and mammography is a must for patients who wants to have this operation. The operation is simple, effective with high satisfaction rates.



Preoperative evaluation involves ultrasonography and hormonal studies. Endocrinology consultation may be needed. Although breast cancer is an uncommon tumor in elderly, mammography can also be required in this age group. Liposuction is a good treatment option for these patients which is a safe, time and cost-effective method. Patients are allowed to continue their sportive activities as soon as possible.


Breast Augmentation

Preoperative evaluations such as ultrasonography and mammography may be necessary. Breast implants used in our clinic are of high international standards and are FDA-approved materials. Postoperative bra usage is recommended. Our complication rates are low compared to the literature.



Negative pressure to fatty tissues which means vacuuming of lipodystrophy. Postoperative garment usage is highly recommended to tighten the dermal collagen fibers and contribute to the aesthetic result. Liposuction is an adjuvant therapy over that age of 40, since skin reshaping is not provided by liposuction and skin excision is a must in most of cases. Intrabadominal lipodystrophy is not a good indication for liposuction. Our surgical team is expert in liposuction.


Labioplasty and Genital Aesthetics

Labioplasty is a newly developing era of aesthetic genital surgery. Since it is a private area, patients are seeking for surgical clinic qualified enough to trust. There is an increased demand for this aesthetic operations. We are performing these operations under sedation or general anesthesia in private environment.