Diagnosis Centers

Algology Clinic

The aim of the establishment of algology clinic is; to help relieving the pain of patients with continuous pain and assist their social lives with the proper and sufficient treatment   whatever the cause is. Medications and interventional methods can be used to relieve the pains of the patients.

In our hospitals algology units, diagnosis and treatment options are offered to patients with chronic pain by the expert doctors. Mostly the following pain types are treated; chronic headache, back, legs, shoulder-arm pain, cancer pain, pain with unknown cause. In necessary circumstances patients are evaluated with the consultations of other medical branches and the treatment is directed.

Interventional processes are performed by using various imaging devices such as ultrasonography or scope in the operating room conditions. During the processes, vital functions are monitored in order to provide patient safety. Sedatives and local anesthetic agents are applied to prevent the discomfort of the patient. Interventions are carried out as daily and the patients rested for a while and leaving the clinic after the process.