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Baskent University Transplant Centers offer leading-edge consultative services, treatment and surgical interventions to patients of all ages with a broad spectrum of diseases requiring heart, kidney, liver, bone marrow and cornea transplants with high success rate. Baskent University has one of the largest and most experienced transplant practices in Turkey, with campuses in Ankara, Adana, İstanbul and Konya.

When you are referred to Baskent University Transplant Centers, you will be cared for in a world-renowned hospital. At Our Transplant Centers, healthcare professionals skilled in many medical specialties work together to ensure quality care, successful recovery and favorable outcomes from transplant surgery. Also, Our Transplant Centers guide patients through every stage of care with a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, physicians, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists, therapists, psychologists, and many other specialists trained in transplantation to help navigate the transplant process with the goal of helping you return to a full and productive life.

A pioneer in organ transplant since 1975, the first successful kidney transplantation in Turkey, OurTransplant Centers draw from state-of-the-art technology and leading-edge medical and surgical interventions to provide individualized, ongoing care for patients with chronic disease. Our expert surgeons have performed more than 3.000  transplants till 2014, and have achieved some of the best graft and patient survival rates in the country.

As Baskent University Transplant Centers, we are also uniquely suited to provide seamless continuity of care from pediatric through adolescent and adult care.

The Pediatric Transplant Program at Our Transplant Centers are  major referral centers  for organ transplants for children. Our surgeons and transplant teams are at the forefront of pediatric organ transplantation and work to ensure optimal treatment before, during and after transplant.
Our multidisciplinary approach ensures the optimal care for our patients and gives them the benefit of near 40 years of experience in transplantation.

As Baskent University Faculty of Medicine,  we are training the next generations of transplant specialists in all areas of medicine and surgery, bringing fresh perspectives to the care of our patients and improving the care of transplant recipients worldwide. Our unique portfolio of basic and clinical research, education and clinical expertise benefits each patient receiving care at our Transplant Centers.

As an innovator in the transplant field for nearly four decades, Baskent University Transplant Centers have developed life-saving techniques that have revolutionized transplant medicine for patients around the globe.

The success of transplantation is related to the compliance with the regulations and legislations, education and coordination issues. Our main goal must be to increase the organ donation from cadavers. There are millions of people waiting for a suitable organ throughout their lives, whereas millions of healthy organs continue to be buried.

Milestones of Organ Transplantation in Turkey  by Prof. Mehmet Haberal
1975     First Living-related Kidney Transplantation in Turkey
1978     First Cadaveric Kidney Transplantation in Turkey
1979     First Domestic Cadaveric Kidney Transplantation in Turkey
1988     First Successful Cadaver Liver Transplantation in Turkey, in the Middle East, and in Northern Africa
1989     First Organ Harvesting and Sharing Programs in Different Cities of Turkey
1990     First Pediatric Segmental Living-related Liver Transplantation, in Turkey, in the Region, and in Europe
1990     First Adult Segmental Living-related Liver Transplantation in the World
1992     First Combined Liver-Kidney Transplantation from Living-related Donor in the World