Group Hospitals

Başkent University Alanya Hospital

Beneath the roof the following specialist departments are united: general-, visceral-, neuro-, vascular surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, dermatology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, paediatric and adolescent medicine, urology, cardiology and paediatric cardiology, trauma surgery and orthopaedic surgery as well as a department for ENT. The clinic anaesthesia, intensive care, physiotherapy and pain therapy as well as the institute for diagnostics and interventional radiology and the institute for laboratory medicine and microbiology complete the medical service offer just as the interdisciplinary focused centres.

Alanya Hospital with its 120 bed capacity and its state of the art infrastructure and technology provides medical services with an added touch of BAŞKENT quality. As a university hospital, it serves patients in the region and beyond by providing comprehensive high-end medical treatment in all common disciplines. 

It is located at the center of Alanya which is one of the most popular holiday destinations. As the best organized hospital and dialysis center in the region, Alanya Hospital offers a service with its capacity of 120 beds, its 77 physicians all of whom are experts in different medical specializations and with its 415 qualified personnel, and permanent administrative and guiding staff.

International Patient Department was founded within Alanya Hospital in 2001 and with its tourism personnel, who speak the language of our international guests, the center provide service and guidance for approximately 13.000 foreign-guests every year. 

Accordingly medical speciality institutes, funtional departments and outpatient clinics work hand in hand, Alanya Hospital provides medical services for more than 300.000 out patients, 13.000 inpatients, and 5.000 surgical patients annually.


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