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Başkent University Ankara Hospital

The practice of health, which had begun by The Transplantation and Burn Treatment Center Foundation of Turkey in 1982, has progressed into a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment complex with a total of 468-bed capacity, 315 of which belong to the focal campus (70 of which belong to the intensive care unit), 90 of which belong to the Ayaş Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, and 63 of which belong to the Yapracık Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center, comprising a 25.000 m2 open and 20.000 m2 closed areas with modern and technological laboratories, screening units, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres and operating theatres.

Ankara Hospital has a long history that is interwined with some of the most renowned physicians in medical history. Today Ankara Hospital is home to many well known physicians who practice medicine on the highest level. Hence, Ankara Hospital is a hospital worthy of becoming a global brand with its architecture, technological infrastructure, equipment park, special units and finest physician teams of all practice. 

Also, Ankara Hospital provides a 24-hour-service with 14 operating theatres and has a separate unit for same-day surgery. This unit is supported with an observation room that has 4 beds. Realizing the need for highest-level intensive care, Ankara Hospital offers wide range of intensive care units meeting the needs of different group of critically ill patients: 9 general (medical), 10 general (surgical), 10 cardiovascular surgery, 10 cardiology, 4 pediatry, 7 pediatric cardiovascular surgery, 14 neonatal intensive care units--with a total of 64 bed capacity. Intensive care units has a unique design: single intensive care rooms for each patient creating a uniquely comfortable environment for patients.

Ankara Hospital which operates with a patient oriented approach, the diagnosis and treatment of the patient can be completed without requiring another center. A second opinion and higher specialty branches, where required, can be easily accessed. Furthermore, these proceedings can be carried out in special units, without moving around in the hospital. Ankara Hospital includes different medical centres at different locations of Ankara such as Organ Transplantation Centre,  Bone Marrow Transplantation Centre, In Vitro Fertilization Centre, Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Centre, Burn Treatment Centre, Ayaş Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center, Yapracık Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center, Yenikent Dialysis Centre, Yenikent Local Polyclinic, Ümitköy Local Polyclinic and Ümitöy Dialysis Centre.

The first clinical organ transplant took place in Turkey by our Founder and Founding President Prof Dr. Mehmet Haberal. Since then, BAŞKENT's efforts to continually improve and expand organ and bone marrow transplantation have placed BAŞKENT at the leading edge of clinical and basic transplant research worldwide. Research activities in the Transplant Center at BAŞKENT have contributed significantly to the current successful outcomes of organ and bone marrow transplantation. 

Ankara Hospital has one of the largest and most experienced transplant practices in Turkey even in Middle East. Health care professionals trained in many medical specialties work together as a team to ensure favorable outcomes from transplant surgery. When patients come to Ankara Hospital’s Transplant Center for surgery transplant, patients will be treated by some of the world’s leading physicians and caregivers. More importantly, our physicians and their patients develop long-lasting relationships that often continue for years after the transplant.

Farther, Ankara Hospital is one of the most advanced cardiac health centers in Turkey with its state-of-the-art structure in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery and with its specialist doctors renowned in their field. Ankara Hospital is a benchmark center particularly in pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery. In neonatal intensive care services, hospital’s experienced team work to improve the health of babies with its modern equipment park. 

Finally, the In-Vitro Fertilization Center helps to end couple’s longing for a baby thanks to the successful diagnosis-treatment methods applied. Other special divisions also formed at Ankara Hospital for treating common health problems such as the Obesity Clinic. The Obesity Clinic which has been designed for patients struggling with obesity provides quite unique services. The patients are jointly assessed and monitored by endocrinologists, physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists, dieticians and psychiatrists. Thus, the reasons for the patient’s weight gain are investigated and solutions tailored to the individual are offered. 

With its quality and non-stop service mentality, Ankara Hospital provides medical service for more than 660.000 outpatients, 24.500 inpatients and 17.000 surgical patients annually.


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