Group Hospitals

Başkent University İstanbul Hospital

Complete leadership support and commitment of necessary resources coupled with BAŞKENT's 30-year experience in healthcare has resulted in a robust quality system in İstanbul Hospital, which includes unwavering conformance to TS-EN ISO 9001:2000 standards, electronic and integrated medical records, evidence-based medicine through widespread use of clinical pathways and guidelines, periodic monitoring of clinical indicators and continuous staff education and training.

Ever since putting into service on 23 February 2007 by BAŞKENT, the range of departments and specialties has been continuously enhanced. Also, the consequent realization of interdisciplinary cooperation and close networking has been a prioritized objective, which was achieved through the establishment of multidisciplinary centers of medical excellence.

Istanbul Hospital with its 13.000 m2 indoor area and its modern inpatient rooms and every departments equipped with modern medical devices, provides service to its patients with capacity of 105 beds, 5 operating theaters, 38 intensive care unit beds and 609 experienced professors and healthcare personnel. 

Today İstanbul Hospital offers a comprehensive mix of health care services including cardiology and transpalntation. With its highly skilled and dedicated physicians, perfectly trained nursing staff and exemplary medical equipment, the hospital is more than able to meet the notoriously ambitious BAŞKENT quality standards.

Generally, İstanbul Hospital sets great store by the close interdisciplinary cooperation of its specialty departments in order to ensure a holistic and redundance-free treatment of its patients. Whether providing specialty or comprehensive interdisciplinary care, the integrated approach promoted by the İstanbul Hospital ensures that patients receive the best possible treatment.

Accordingly İstanbul Hospital offers highly specialized treatment in a variety of medical disciplines, it provides medical services for more than 183.000 out patients, 7.000 inpatients, and 4.000 surgical patients annually. 


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