Group Hospitals

Başkent University Konya Hospital

Konya Hospital which reaches out not only to Konya, but the whole of Central Anatolia with its quality services, is the region’s benchmark center in healthcare. The integrated medical approach at Konya Hospital strongly promotes the interdisciplinary cooperation of all medical departments and specialists thus ensuring the best possible care for patients with routine health care needs as well as highly-complex diagnoses.

In addition to the qualified healthcare services provided to Konya and neighbouring provinces, the hospital also carries many healthcare innovations to the region. Konya Hospital, which is easily accessible by virtue of its proximity to intercity highways, can work in integration with the Ankara Hospital since it is located very close to Ankara.

Konya Hospital has 22.000 m2 indoor area and consists of four blocks one of which is dialysis centre. It also solves the problem of parking with its 10,000 m2 parking area. It provides service to patients from all over the world with its polyclinics, capacity of 194 beds, a dialysis centre with capacity of 30 kidney machine, burn unit, 2 delivery rooms, 7 operating theatres, imaging units, laboratories and 659 experienced professors and healthcare personnel.

Konya Hospital provides healthcare with state of the art equipment both in diagnosis and treatment. The advanced technological equipment ensures patient comfort and safety. It also hosts one of the cancer centers equipped by BAŞKENT with state of the art equipment.

Konya Hospital’s examination rooms have been designed with state-of-the-art technology. The fact that all interventional procedures occur on the same floor with the operating room, is another advantage for the patient. The recuperation room that serves these units has also been planned within the same area, further supporting patient safety.

Based on these, Konya Hospital provides medical services for more than 370.000 out patients, 11.700 inpatients, and 8.000 surgical patients annually.


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