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Başkent University Adana Hospital

Adana Hospital consists of three different campuses, Seyhan, Yüreğir and Kışla. It includes the biggest and most modern dialysis centre in the world. It has 65.000m2 indoor area and capacity of 576 beds, 16 operating theatres for any kind of surgical operation, 9 intensive care units with 129 beds, and a dialysis unit with capacity of 96 beds. Adana Hospital is a modern medical centre with its hi-tech medical equipments, laboratories, medical imaging units, radiotherapy units, mouth and dental health centre, and fully equipped emergency department.

A world class cancer treatment center was established at the Adana Hospital. In this unit, oncology and radiotherapy are housed under a single roof. At the center, which operates in a multidisciplinary approach, the latest methods in the diagnosis and treatments are used as well as the state-of-the-art medical equipment. Thus, it uses the world’s most advanced therapeutic equipment in this field. The Gamma Knife which is recognized as “the Gold Standard” for the radiosurgical treatment of brain tumours offers the opportunity of non-surgical and painless treatment.

As other BAŞKENT Hospitals, Adana Hospital has one of the most experienced transplant practices in Middle East. Health care professionals trained in many medical specialties work together as a team to ensure favorable outcomes from transplant surgery.

Moreover, Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation Center was founded in 2004 under the Department of Hematology. This department incorporates a Clinical Unit, Research Laboratory, Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation Center, Aphaeresis Unit and Cell Processing Unit and it is one of the most modern bone marrow transplantation centers in Turkey. With its capacity of 14 transplant beds, more than 50 allogenic and autologous stem cell transplantations are performed every year at this center. The department is an important reference center by being the only Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation Center in the region. Also, the center is the first center in Turkey to get FACT-JACIE Accreditation in January 2012 by doing 2 years of intensive long term studies, changes and reorganizations. Thus, Adana Hospital's skill with a broad range of specialty procedures, success rates, clinical trials and integrated team approach make it the place to choose for a bone marrow transplant.

The Breast Center also established within Adana Hospital, in addition to the superior technology it uses, provides its services with a multidisciplinary approach and with its team of specialists consisting of general surgeons, radiologists and pathologists. Moreover, the Stroke Clinic is one of the special units of Adana Hospital. The clinic provides world class care with its expert crew in stroke treatment. Finally, the In-Vitro Fertilization Center helps to end couple’s longing for a baby thanks to the successful diagnosis-treatment methods applied.

With its quality and non-stop service mentality, Adana Hospital provides medical services for more than 650.000 out patients, 39.000 inpatients, and 23.000 surgical patients annually.

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