Patient Guide

Administrative Assistance

Travelling abroad and especially under the pressure of an upcoming medical treatment is always difficult. Due to that fact International Patient Department will assist you during the process of organization and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have, before, during and after your stay at BAŞKENT. It is important to us to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Please let us know whether we can assist you with:


We will send a letter of invitation to our patients who need a visa for forwarding to the Embassy. This requires the amount shown on the cost estimate to have been received in full on the BAŞKENT's account. Please contact International Patient Department if you need our assistance.

You will find further information about applying for a visa on the web pages of the Turkish Embassy in your home country.

Interpreter Service

Clear communication between our patients and our phsicians / medical professionals is vital for successful treatment. Our physicians, the majority of the nursing staff and representatives of International Patient Department are fluent in English. We provide an interpreter for patients who require translation into or from their mother tongue for the essential medical consultations. Our aim is to ensure effective communication between you and your care providers.

Please inform International Patient Department whether you will need interpreter service before your arrival.


To best possibly serve our patients we have established a network for international patient with our group hotels. Patients or relatives have access to this exclusive network and we are more than happy to assist you with getting into contact with our group hotels. Also, there are various hotels which are located nearby our hospitals rather than our group hotels. Before you arrive, International Patient Department will work with you to identify accommodation that best suits to your needs.

Airport Transfer

If desired, International Patient Department will organize the transfer from and to the closest airport. Various categories of vehicles are available in case you have special needs ; transport for a stretcher-bound patient or assisted transport. Please inform International Patient Department whether you will need transfer service before your arrival.

Please contact the International Patient Department, if you have further questions, requests or suggestions. We are always at your service.