Patient Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you give me some information about the BAŞKENT medical team?

All our medical proffesionals are qualified. From nurses to physicians, we thoroughly check all appointments and ensure that our patients get the very best service only.

2. Can I seek treatment in your hospital without a medical appointment?

It is best to schedule appointments before your arrival in order to minimize delays and inconvenience. Our International Patient Department will met your personal, cultural and travel-related needs. Our professional staff will assist you in hospital admission and discharges, in arranging for consultations and coordinating appointments, payment procedures and financial transactions, guidance before and after arrival, and in dealing with international insurance companies. Our international patient specialists organize even the most specific details, ensuring that the patient feels comfortable and as much at home as possible.

3. How do I schedule an appointment with your hospital?

You can contact International Patient Department using our Patient Form. In addition, you can reach International Patient Department using one of our communication lines indicating on Contact Information.

4. I do not speak Turkish, how can I get help with communication?

Clear communication between our patients and our phsicians / medical professionals is vital for successful treatment. Our physicians, the majority of the nursing staff and representatives of International Patient Department are fluent in English. We provide an interpreter for patients who require translation into or from their mother tongue for the essential medical consultations. Our aim is to ensure effective communication between you and your care providers.

Please inform International Patient Department whether you will need interpreter service before your arrival.

5. My family is accompanying me for my medical treatment. Where can they stay?

We are pleased to assist you with accommodations based on your needs. When you make an appointment with the International Patient Centre, let them know that your family will be traveling with you, and they will make the necessary accommodation arrangements.

6. Do I need a referral from my local physician?

Referrals are not needed from your physician in order to request an appointment. It is important that you bring along information about your previous medical treatment and your medical records.

7. Can your hospital write a letter for us so we can apply for a Visa?

First, our physicians accept your case and give a treatment plan. As soon as we prepare the estimated charges for recommended treatment, we will write a letter indicating that you are scheduled for an appointment. This requires the amount shown on the cost estimate to have been received in full on the BAŞKENT's account. Please be informed that, this information is necessary before you can obtain a visa, if a letter is required.

8. When scheduling an appointment, what information and which documents must I provide?

You need to state your name, as shown in your passport, your contact informations, date of birth, your medical problem and the preferred date of the appointment. You must have on hand all relevant information on your medical condition, including x-rays, medical history/records, and your current medication. It is useful to have supporting documentation on your prescription drugs. Carry the contact details of your local doctor who has referred you.

9. How many days prior to my medical treatment should I arrive in Turkey?

This varies from patient to patient and will be mentioned in our recommendations.

10. What should I do after the treatment/operation?

Our physicians will explain what can happen to you after being operated. Furthermore, our medical profesionals will advise about what you should do and shouldn't do. If you notice things like discomfort, bleeding or infection you must see your physicians immediately.

11. Is it safe to travel so far after a medical procedure?

Your travel plans will be dictated by your medical condition. We will always advise you of our recommendation on this subject and observe the time needed for recuperation.

12. What is the cost for a particular surgery or procedure?

Since, our medical treatment plans are uniquely tailored on a patient-to-patient basis, the cost varies greatly, even for patients with the same healthcare problem. Estimated charges are based on the physician's treatment plan.